Leetcode–Swap Nodes in Pairs

The Problem:

Given a linked list, swap every two adjacent nodes and return its head.

For example,
Given 1->2->3->4, you should return the list as 2->1->4->3.

Your algorithm should use only constant space. You may not modify the values in the list, only nodes itself can be changed.


  1. Basic question with nothing to talk about. General note for linked list: do null check before accessing node’s member.

Java Solution:

 * Definition for singly-linked list.
 * public class ListNode {
 *     int val;
 *     ListNode next;
 *     ListNode(int x) {
 *         val = x;
 *         next = null;
 *     }
 * }
public class Solution {
    public ListNode swapPairs(ListNode head) {
        ListNode fkHead = new ListNode(0);
        fkHead.next = head;
        ListNode pre = fkHead;
        ListNode p = head;
        while(p!=null && p.next!= null){
            ListNode temp = p.next.next;
            p.next.next = p;
            pre.next = p.next;
            p.next = temp;
            pre = p;
            p = p.next;
        return fkHead.next;

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